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The Brave New World

So let’s talk about the Brave New World that the church is being called to. Where do you find in history the destruction of the old in favor of the new? Generally the elimination of historical writings and artistic expression occurs during revolutions. Therefore we have witnessed the burning of books in Nazi Germany and the destruction of history as they knew it in the Soviet Union. But this noxious behavior has not been limited to the distant past in far off shores.

During the ‘60s America experienced a revolution of its own which was labeled the sexual revolution or counterculture movement. Like so many of the humanistic revolutions that preceded it, this movement was characterized primarily by a rebellion against everything in the past. The bull’s eye of the attack was everything that had anything to do with tradition, and particularly any American Christian tradition.

“The Sixties’ rejection of authority, rejection of biblical sexual moral, and the search for a new spirituality,” wrote Peter Jones in Spirit Wars, “are not artifacts of a failed revolution. They are the tools in the destruction of Western civilization.” Indeed, the results of this revolution in America have been nearly catastrophic. In our government we have witnessed the erosion of the system of checks and balances as the courts have stepped beyond their constitutional authority to write law as they see fit. Never in our history have we seen such erosion of the Constitution and law itself as lawless judges have taken it upon themselves to institute anything that they wish.

As a result of this dynamic the basic rights that we have been granted in the Declaration and Bill of Rights are being violently snatched away. Thanks to the activities of the courts, the Declaration’s assertion of the right to life is being trampled on as abortion on demand runs ramped in the form of millions of murdered children. The right to life is also being eroded on the other end of the spectrum through assisted suicide laws. Freedom of religion as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights is being assaulted by the ACLU and People for the American Way as prayer and anything else having to do with the Christian religion is being cast out of schools and the public sector. In the mean time any reference to Christianity on public lands is being defaced. While professing freedom of speech those same organizations are promoting sex and vulgarity not only in the media but also in our libraries even as they attempt to silence Christian political expression. In the name of safety, the right to bear arms is being slowly eroded. Human sexuality is out of control as promiscuity spreads aids, marriages dissolve, the family unit is fragmented and the homosexual community seeks to redefine marriage itself. In the name of worshipping the creation rather than the Creator, for the sake of environmentalism our forests burn as people are forced to bow before the likes of snakes, lizards, fish, guppies, birds, bugs and flowers. Now we face moral dilemmas of immense proportions as men, through such scientific efforts as cloning and embryonic stem cell research, play God at the expense of human life.

With each year, no matter what political party is in charge, the ordeal escalates. And the cultural disaster continues even as the church joins to the beat the vandal’s drum. Indeed, destruction has its cause. And the cause is rebellion against God.

With that in mind we will now turn to the rise of theological liberalism in the church as augmented by the rebellion and the lawlessness of the ’60s. Once we have uncovered the source of and influence of liberalism with regard to the church, we will clearly see why the traditions in our churches are being systematically discarded by our pastors for the sake of growth success. Finally, this disregard for Christian tradition will be shown to be the source cause of the political and religious upheaval that we now find ourselves in. It will demonstrate why we now find ourselves in the midst of a lawless national affront to anything that has to do with our national, cultural and Christian heritage. Then we will understand why the Holy War that we find ourselves in is the most significant challenge the church faces today. The worship life of the church is not a trivial matter.

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